Giannis Antetokounmpo Silver Prizm On It's Way of Breaking Sales Records!

Throughout my card collecting life I've come across cards that today are now worth in the hundreds of thousands. However, at the time they were in my hand maybe they were only worth $100.

I own two PSA 10 Giannis Prizm RC's at around $2,000 each and one day, I came across a Giannis Silver Prizm RC. The man wanted $16,000 for it, FYI this was about 4 months ago. I looked at him like he was crazy because I thought it was way too much for that card although I'm never ignorant when it comes to card pricing. He gave me one week to decide if I wanted to buy it and I actually considered it.

A week went by and I refused the offer. I just wasen't ready to commit that kind of money on a card that I wasen't too sure of. Even though I knew the pop # was very low, I still couldn't wrap my mind on paying that much. Besides, I wanted that money to spend on all of the other cool products that were out, and I did just that. I picked up a few boxes of fanatics hoping for the Zion cracked ice, I bought a case of optic cellos, one box of Impeccable, a case of Select and Certified. Overall, I did pretty good with the pulls but thats besides the point.

Two days ago I'm on ebay and I see the Giannis Silver Prizm for sale. When I saw the price my jaw dropped. It was up for sale at $49,000. I still didn't believe it because people on ebay will try to sell a rubber band for $5,000 so I did some research. I found the same card at PSA 10 and it sold for $45,000. I was shocked and I was laughing because I couldn't believe that I had the opportunity to purchase the same card for $16,000.

Whats the lesson of todays blog? Don't ever underestimate a cards potential value. Even if you hear an outrageous price, don't be foolish and do your homework. I could have made a profit of $29,000 but my indecisive mind makes me worry and make bad decisions sometimes. I hope I made some of you feel better about cards that you regret not buying because I sure as hell regret not buying that card.

Take care everyone,

Vander sports.

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